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What's Up with the Birth Plan?

Ask any mother and she will tell you that birth is nothing if not unpredictable! So with all the messy, roller coaster of events that often surrounds bringing baby into the world, what is the point of trying to PLAN your birth?

The wonderful thing about putting together a birth plan is that suddenly, your options are limitless. You are in control of setting out to plan YOUR ideal birth! Do you want an epidural? Are you going to labor in water? Do you want to refuse an episiotomy? Do you want to delay cord clamping? Will you be giving baby a pacifier? How do YOU want your birth to play out?

You see, in the whole process of sifting through your wants and wishes, there is this beautiful unfolding of knowledge! And knowledge is power.

If you don't know your options, then you don't have any options at all.

Yes, plans change. Some things you had your heart set on may not work out quite the way you intended. But, creating a plan is part of the journey to understanding the pros and cons of all the choices; in the end it will also give you a better understanding of however your birth unfolds.

So where to begin?

First off, avoid writing what you don’t want. It's important not to just create a whole list of negative scenarios that you wish to avoid. Instead, write what you do want. By doing this, you reclaim your power & right to control your own birth! Set goals of what the most important aspects of your birth are to you.

Secondly, consider hiring a doula! Doulas can not only be a huge resource when it comes to collecting information regarding the birth process, but also an invaluable tool to assist you in supporting your desires.

Finally, be flexible. Remember, it is just a plan! Creating a list of goals is only the blueprint to the masterpiece itself: your baby's entrance into the world. Give yourself the grace and flexibility to grow and change with your baby as the two of you partner together to accomplish this beautiful thing called birth!

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