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I have had the joy of giving birth to 8 children of my own! My first four were born right here in Hastings, NE, at Mary Lanning hospital with a fantastic midwife who supported my desire for un-medicated birth. My husband and I moved to western Nebraska shortly after the birth of our fourth daughter and when I later found out I was pregnant with our oldest son, I found myself desiring to branch out in my birthing experience. I connected with another experienced midwife and had the honor of delivering at a birthing center in water! I have since had another birthing center delivery and two homebirths.
I am grateful to have experienced such a range of  settings for delivery! I believe this has equipped me with an invaluable understanding of a mother's individual experience and choice in both where and how  she gives birth, as well as a personal familiarity with the environment in which she chooses for her delivery.
I have always had a passion for childbirth, but the seed of empowering other women to realize their own internal strength was planted in 2013 when I began to discover the heart-breaking shortage of natural-minded birth workers in Nebraska. I attended my first birth in September of 2017 and received my training with Birth Arts International  in November of the same year. I am currently workings towards completing my doula certification.

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