Common Questions

Is a DOULA the same as a midwife?

The term "doula" comes from the Greek word meaning, "to serve". We are there for you on a non-medical  level to provide evidence-based information, as well physical and emotional support throughout your entire birthing process. Our desire is to walk alongside  you in order to help you achieve the safe and empowering birth experience!

Why should I use a DOULA?

We can provide unbiased and non-judgmental emotional, informational and physical support before, during and just after your birth. Studies have shown that a doula's presence at birth tends to result in shorter labors with fewer complications, and less interventions. This leads to an overall safer and more positive birthing experience!

Do DOULAS attend only natural births?

No. Our goal is solely to provide support and comfort in whatever your birth plan looks like, not plan your birth for you. We can provide information and answer questions based on our knowledge and experience, but do not seek to decide what type birth is best for you. We realize that each birth is unique in it's experience and desire to make that experience as joyous and empowering as possible! 

What does my DOULA do during birth?

We go on call for you beginning at 38 weeks. Once labor begins, we will join you as you at home or the hospital/birthing center of your choice. Doulas are trained in  a variety of comfort measure techniques, such as counter pressure and rebozo, to assist with pain management. We can work with both you and your partner prenatally to put together a birth plan unique to YOUR needs and desires during labor, as well as prepare them to feel comfortable in assisting you during birth if so desired. Ultimately, we are here to help you achieve a safe and empowering birth experience, whether it be a natural, medicated, or planned cesarean!

Does a DOULA replace Dad's help?

Not at all! We strive to compliment you and your partner as a birth TEAM, not to replace the role of dad during the birth process. Our goal is to encourage dad to get involved as much as he is comfortable with! We do this through planning and discussion in our pre-natal visit, as well as guiding him in using comfort measure techniques to help mom throughout  her labor. Having a doula there can help the father to be able to better support mom emotionally/physically during labor and birth, but also enjoy the process himself without the pressure of having to remember everything he learned in childbirth class!

What if I need a cesarean?

If hospital policy permits and you and your partner so desire, we will absolutely accompany you in the operating room! If they do not, we will remain available to assist post-surgery with making you as comfortable as possible, offering post-partum pain management, help with beginning breast-feeding, and to provide emotional support as you sort through your birthing experience.